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Katie Dotson

Katie D.
About Katie
  • Arts & Entertainment
Stage of Life: Professional without kids
Gender: Female
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Race/Ethnicity: White of Caucasian
  • Dining
  • Downtown Activities
  • Entertainment Options
  • Museums
  • Photography
  • Volunteerism
  • Writing, Drawing, Painting, and other art

About Me

Hi! My name's Katie Dotson (previously Abrahamson) and I'm a local graphic designer/artist/marketer/general local cheerleader who has lived in Minot my entire life. I really treasure the community, and would appreciate the chance to help show others just how great North Dakota can be! I love the art scene here so much, and am always incredibly excited about all the opportunities Minot has to offer. It drives me nuts when people say there's nothing to do here, because sometimes I run into the problem of having TOO MANY activities (I've recently realized my introvert tendencies when there were multiple things I wanted to go out and do, but also really just wanted to hang out at home).

I've also taken it upon myself to drag new friends I make to my favorite restaurants and food trucks (in my opinion) because I love supporting local and they also need to know about the best food in town.

Anyway, I've got more general information about myself on my website and would enjoy chatting about the opportunity! Hope you have a great morning/day/evening!
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